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1 03bf4ad GitHub New Crowdin updates (#116) about 12 hours ago
2 4161988 nickskyline Sort tracks by name 10 days ago
3 d38b00a nickskyline Add delete button for tracks 10 days ago
4 a32a927 GitHub

Bump actiontext from to (#113)

Bumps actiontext from to - Release notes - Changelog - Commits

updated-dependencies: - dependency-name: actiontext dependency-type: indirect …

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]>

10 days ago
5 bc7e582 BGM Add Santi's staff profile picture 14 days ago
6 4f62a4c BGM Allow moderators to add members to teams 14 days ago
7 1c33f23 GitHub New Crowdin updates (#111) 15 days ago
8 a126bc9 BGM Fix metadata string at teams results table view 15 days ago
9 5f0ca27 BGM Add missing id to team session's table 15 days ago
10 eeb4681 BGM Fix incorrect pagination display at season views 15 days ago
11 cf115ad BGM Add download as PNG button to team sessions' results table 15 days ago
12 9a95837 BGM Fix team member list's styles 15 days ago
13 0ca36cd BGM Fix styles at teams' index view 15 days ago
14 71edec5 GitHub Add search bar for tracks (#112) 19 days ago
15 d3ef0dd BGM

Fix session parsing

This commits addresses the incorrect track names in result tables. The underlying issue had to do with iterations being made on a modified instance of he full log array, and then accessing incorrect indexes of the original one within those iterations.

Resolves #110

19 days ago
16 6179db0 nickskyline Fix typo 28 days ago
17 1d7ec7a nickskyline Sort cars by name 29 days ago
18 53b9eb9 BGM Add download as PNG button to team sessions about 1 month ago
19 85d191a BGM Fix incorrect indices in ImportCarsService about 1 month ago
20 787cfff BGM Make track lists publicly downloadable as PNGs about 1 month ago