Re-Volt America

Da websiet of da Re-Volt America of Re-Volt of katz, 1999
dowonload da gaem and meet da catz from all ovur da AMERICA

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Kingdom of Cats

We'r an amazin RE-volt kingdom of Katz mainly made up of souht american catz, but u will find kittehs from ALL THE PLANET racin onlien wit us

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Cat Races

Within da re-volt America we raec in seashunz form. In da seasons, u wil raec onlien all day everyday, and get da pointz 4 evry raec u polay



Re-Volt Amerika has been maed with stedinezz and skalabity in mind. Most ov teh thingz u see here u wont find in any other Re-Volt fam.

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seshuns rn