A. General Composure

  1. Always keep a calm atmosphere towards other users.
  2. Do not Spam. Within reasonable limits you may promote yourself and others, just do not cross the line and you should be fine.
  3. Doxing other users is prohibited. If you endorse it or take part in it RVA WILL take action.
  4. Follow directions given by staff members at all times.
  5. Use your common sense. It really is not that difficult!

B. Creating a Username

  1. To play Re-Volt you must choose a username, and to be indexed into the official RVA rankings players must choose a nickname which abides to the following guidelines:
    • Your nickname must have from 1 to 16 characters.
    • Your nickname may contain any characters from A-Z (uppercase or lowercase), numbers, underscores and blank spaces.
    • Your nickname must be unique! If you are not sure, you may ask the staff team to find out if the username you want is already being used by another player.

C. Races & Scoring

  1. You may use cars from the class in course & below. (rookie, amateur, advanced, etc.)
  2. Using a car below the class in course will grant the following score bonuses:
    • One class below: 25%.
    • Two classes below: 50%.
    • Three classes below: 75%.
    • Four classes below: 100%.
    • Five classes below: 125%.
  3. Do NOT use cars from a higher class than the one in course. Doing so will invalidate the points you get with it.
  4. Do NOT purposely shoot or mess up non-immediate positions (players who lap you).
  5. Do NOT ask for RE (1) unless you are late to a race or experience technical difficulties. Other reasons are deemed invalid.
  6. Avoid changing your name in the middle of lobbies, as this may difficult the process of calculating the final scores.
  7. You may type RE during the first 40 seconds of a race due to an external non-game related factor.
    • Only 1 RE per track will be granted. If somebody asked for RE before you did, then the host will not restart again.
  8. The accumulated multiplier of any car will never exceed 4.0.

D. Discord Server

  1. You must follow and abide to the Discord Terms of Service. Failure to do so will get you banned from Re-Volt America.
  2. Stay on-topic within channels.
  3. Do not harass other users.
  4. Media that may cause other users' Discord client to crash or very explicit content will be deleted, and you may be punished for posting it.

E. Punishments

  1. Failure to follow any of the Races & Scoring rules may get you speced (2) in our lobbies, or kicked if you insist on breaking our rules.
  2. Users may be kicked from our Discord server for breaking the rules. If the rule violation is severe, you may be banned instead.
  3. Evading Discord bans will get you banned eventually. We will find out.
  4. All infractions are subject to staff team's discretion

(1) RE: Requesting the lobby host to restart the current race.

(2) Speced: When the lobby host forces a racer into spectator. In this context, as a form of punishment.