Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by new community members when they first want to play Re-Volt online with us in RVA. Make sure to give them a read if you're new to our community.

Installing and setup

Recommended way: RVGL Launcher

With this program, you can download and manage custom content for the game with just a few clicks. Go to the following link to download it: Re-Volt Launcher.

When you open the launcher for the first time, you will be able to select the folder where the game will be installed, along with a "Game Preset". For the latter, we recommend that you select "Original".

Classic way

Enter the following link and choose the version of the game for your operating system (Windows, Linux or MacOS).

When the download is finished, unzip the archive in a folder of your choice and run RVGL to start playing.

Mobile Players

In the case of Android, when you try to run the game installer (click this link to download) you need to grant permissions to install external applications.

After accepting granting the permissions and installing the game, the app can be opened normally from the app drawer of your phone.

iOS is still not supported :(

Steam Re-Volt

The Steam version of Re-Volt is not compatible to play online races because it is an obsolete version. For this and many other reasons we do not recommend its purchase and cannot host online events for it either.

Recommended way: RVGL Launcher

In the Packs tab check the rva_cars and rva_tracks options at the bottom of the list, then click the Install Packages button in the lower right corner to start downloading and installing them.

Classic way

Enter the following link and download RVA Car Pack and RVA Track Pack.

Open the folder where you have RVGL installed and unzip the newly downloaded files there.

Mobile Players

Perform the steps of the classic method, only that on Android you need a file manager capable of decompressing ZIP files, you can search in the Play Store applications such as ZArchiver, RAR or others if your phone does not incorporate a file manager.

Inside the file manager go to the Downloads folder (or wherever you have downloaded the packs) and unzip them in the RVGL folder that is in the internal memory.

Playing online

In Re-Volt America, we host racing sessions daily at 00:00 UTC, and they are all announced via Discord, on a channel called "#lobby-rva". Here you can see the countdown for the next session.

Keep this in mind
  • Before joining our rooms, you must install the RVA Pack. Check the FAQ entry for more information.
  • When there is an open room to join and enter to play a message will appear in #lobby-rva,
    for example: "Lobby is UP! - IP:"
  • Open RVGL, go to Play Multiplayer >> Join Game, and copy and paste the IP address. This is an example IP, each organizer will have a different IP address.

Write the following Launch Parameters (Don't write the brackets []).

-lobby IP -pass <password>
RVGL Launcher

Enter the IP and password at Launch Parameters field in the following way, for example:

Game shortcut

Press Alt+Enter in your RVGL shortcut, then at the end of Target field write the parameters as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Download and install "Termux", if you can't find it at the Play Store, then use this link (F-Droid) to download it.
  2. Copy and paste the following command inside the app:

    am start -n com.rvgl.rvgl/.RVGLActivity -e args "-lobby IP -pass password"

    Replace the IP and password accordingly before pressing Enter, as shown in the screenshot; if the game doesn't open up immediately, close the app from the notifications and try again, you may have copied something wrong.

Seasons and Rankings

Each of our seasons consists of 6 rankings, and each ranking consists of 18 individual sessions and 10 team sessions. This way, each ranking will have a duration of one month and each season will last approximately 6 months. A session announced on Discord at the #lobby-rva channel consists of playing the 20 tracks assigned for the day with the corresponding category. The weekly schedule that determines the races to be played each day are announced every Monday and looks as follows:

Scoring points in a Session

At the end of each session the results obtained by each player are published in the #rank-global channel, in RVA we have a unique way of determining the scores where the Car Multiplier, the Accumulated Points, the Average Position and the Completed Races have influence.

  • The Car Multiplier gives each car a value that determines its difficulty, the higher its multiplier number, the more points you can add, but it won't help if you finish the races last by trying to drive the most difficult cars.
  • The Accumulated Points is the sum of the points obtained according to your final position in each race. More points will be awarded in a session if it starts with 10 or more players.
  • Average Position and Races Completed affect your points accumulated in a session, finishing in low positions or completing few races will decrease the amount of points you can get in a session.

You can see in detail how the points are calculated in a session in the following link.