RVA Points System


In Re-Volt America, players score points for each race they get to finish. The amount of points each player scores will depend on two things: their final position in the race, and the amount of racers in that race. If a race has 10 or more racers in it, then it's considered a to be a "big" race.

Normal Race Scoring

Big Race Scoring

Car Ratings

In Re-Volt America, cars are assigned a 'multiplier' depending on their top speed, acceleration, weight, and other characteristics that may make them better or worse for online racing. We use this multiplier to reward racers for playing hard cars, and for regulating really good or overpowered cars as well. Here is how the formula is applied each race with different car multipliers:

RVA Desktop Points Parser

The RVA Desktop Points Parser is a Desktop application designed to calculate a results table in the RVA format from a given RVGL session log. Through this portable tool, we allow anyone to parse session results using our system locally if they so desire. Here is an example of what you'll get by parsing one of our sessions yourself:

Download RVA Points

RVA Points

RVA Points