Points System


In Re-Volt America, racers are assigned points for each race they play, which vary depending on the position they finish in. The following image illustrates which positions give what amount of points:

For lobbies which start with 10 or more racers, bonus points are scored. The following image illustrates the points system with the bonus points in place:

Car Ratings

Cars are rated depending on their top speed, acceleration, weight, etc. And each rating results in a multiplier for each car. The yellow bolt represents said multiplier for the cars in the following image:

With that in mind, 1° place scores of 15 points, on three different cars, would vary depending on their multipliers:


PO Obtained Points

MUL Car Multiplier

PP Average Position

PO Official Score

CONS 0.1, constant factor for reducing final scores

RVA Points Parser

Points Parser

Points Parser